Underfloor Heating for Houses & Offices

Underfloor Heating for Houses & Offices

Are you searching for the best underfloor heating for your houses and or offices? Today, you would find a huge demand for the underfloor heating mat in the market. Whether you opt for an underfloor heating carpet/ floor for your residence or commercial purposes, it offers comfort in both variants. 

The underfloor heating for your house comes to you in many electric variants like mesh heating, membrane heating or loose cable you require for installation in every room. However, if you want to decide on the ideal heat mat underfloor heating, you need to consider/ discuss some factors for a newly-constructed home or the refurbished property you possess with the installer.

Some reasons why should you installing Corewarm underfloor heating?

Even heat distribution

Electric underfloor heating is a best option for large areas because it distributes uniform heating in all the area. Underfloor heating is invisible, doesn’t occupy any space, safe, don’t leave any clod air pockets in the room.

Imperceptible air circulation

Forced air circulation by radiators causes bacteria, germs and dust circulation through the air. It can also make the air in the room dry. Many people are working in one office space, this type of heating system affects the skin and health of the employees in the office.


Electric underfloor heating systems are noiseless and don’t distract your employees with annoying sounds like radiators and duct heating systems.

You can also use the heat mat underfloor heating in commercial places like:

  • Social Housing
  • Educational sectors
  • Offices
  • Hospitality industries
  • The spiritual places like church
  • Hospitals & Home Cares

If you are looking for the best underfloor heating mats, Corewarm is the world’s leading manufacturer for all types of underfloor heating suitable to your homes and offices. It is one of the underfloor heating brands in the market that helps conserve energy usage. You can control its functioning with the help of innovative home technologies.

What are the different types of underfloor heating for houses & offices do you get?

When you surf for suitable underfloor heating, you will come across various types. Here are some of them.

  • Electric underfloor heating mat: An electric underfloor heating mat comes to you in many types. It would adhere to predefined industry standards about quality as the product contains quality-assured raw materials & cutting-edge technology. The electric underfloor heating matt features you with durability & easy installation.
  • Heated floor mat under tile: If you are looking for underfloor heating for tiles with adhesive, you may opt for the heated floor mat under the tile that comes within a leveling compound under other floor finishes. It contains a fixed spacing & self-adhesive mat that enables you to install the regularly shaped rooms without difficulty.
  • Electric underfloor heating carpet: An electric underfloor heating carpet would be the best solution. The heated floor mat under the carpet would guarantee hygiene as the carpets absorb more dust than other materials. The foil heater present in an electric matt underfloor heating would be compatible with large and regular-shaped areas and also turn out as an excellent solution for house renovations.
  • Foil-heating mat: The foil-heating mat would heat wooden as well as floating floors. The foil-heating mat uses thermal and reflective reinforced aluminum foil that helps conserve the heated energy. Besides that, you can also use it safely under the carpet, vinyl, and other resilient floors if used with insulated and dual overlay.
  • Heat mat for bathroom floor: An underfloor heating would add an element to a bathroom that would bestow a warm floor to avoid the shock of cold water. The gentle warmth present in the heat mat for the bathroom floor enhances the luxuriant soak, so you don’t feel chill while stepping out of the shower.
  • Radiant heat floor mat: The radiant heat floor mat comes to you in different types & sizes according to your house & office requirements. If you are looking for an underfloor heating mat that gives shine to the tiles of your entire house or office, the Radiant heat floor mat is one of the best options. It comprises more straightforward layouts best suited for older bathrooms that lack heating, which keep the cold tile from getting jeopardized and makes the entire room cozy.
  • Eco-friendly system heating: Electric underfloor heating is the eco-friendly system heating, a technique which comes under comfort engineering. Such geothermal systems are all known examples of eco-friendly heating in houses and offices.
  • Sticky mat system: A sticky mat system is electric underfloor heating having a cable system that features pressure-sensitive adhesive for the fastest installation. If you seek an ideal installation within regularly shaped areas, the sticky mat system is the right option for your needs.
  • Wall heating mats: Are you looking for underfloor heating for bathrooms or wet rooms behind tiles for your house or office? Well, you would require high-quality wall heating mats that would meet your needs for supplementing the existing heat in a residential or commercial property.
  • Jointless heating mats: As part of the corewarm culture, development and upgradation is a continuous process. Jointless heating mat/ JHM offers enhances reliability in different wattages.

What are the steps to install underfloor heating mats?

When installing underfloor heating mats, you can install them yourself if you have the expertise or appoint a technician or an expert to assist you. However, if you decide to do it by yourself, here are the below steps.

  • Consider the heat output that you find suitable for your room.
  • Opt for a high-quality kit.
  • Pull up the flooring if you are retrofitting and clean the sub floor.
  • Lay underfloor heating mats and ensure they are spread evenly across the room.
  • Cover the underfloor heating system with sand and cement of around 75 mm thickness and allow them to dry naturally.
  • Turn ON the switch at low temperature and slowly increase the temperature and test your underfloor heating system.

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