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Snow Melting/ De-icing Cable/Mat

During the winters, snow and ice can be very risky leading to fatal accidents.

Corewarm system minimizes the chance of accidents by keeping the roads, walkways, entranceways, driveways, parking garage ramps, loading ramps, stairs and other surfaces free of snow and ice at all times. These systems are also key in extending the life of the pavers, concrete or asphalt as you can eliminate the need for the use of harsh snow melting chemicals and the physical damage that can be caused by traditional snow removal techniques. This is an eco-friendly way because de-icing agents can cause risk to the environment or buildings.

These electric snow melting systems are superior to their hydronic (liquid heat transfer) counterparts as they are most cost effective to install, less expensive to maintain and have similar operating costs.

Depending upon the areas of application there exists two versions:


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