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Carbon Film Heater (Flexible Heater)

The PET electric heating film is a polyester film that can generate heat after being energized. It is coated of conductive special ink that is processed and pressed between insulating polyester films. When working, the electric heating film is used as the heating element, and the heat is sent into the space in the form of radiation, so that the human body and objects are warmed, and its overall effect is better than the traditional convection heating method.
In terms of production technology, the performance of the ink-type electric heating film is relatively stable, the power density and the surface temperature of the electric heating film are more in line with the requirements and the comfort is good. The base material is polyester film; the heating element material is specially formulated ink.

Flexible Heater

Technical Parameters

– Voltage: 12V, 24V, 110V-240V
– Watt: As per customer requirement
– Thickness: 0.3mm-0.6mm
– Insulation Material: PET Film
– Heating Conductor: Conductive ink
– Temperature Rise: As per customer & application requirement
– Self-adhesive backing for ease of installation
– Cable Lead: 0.5 meter (Can be customized)
– Terminal Block: 50x36x5mm
– Accreditations: CE, IP44



  • Can be moulded/ flexible.
  • Light weight/ Thin.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Minimum heat dispersion in case of external application on the object to be heated.
  • Can be set to vary heat concentration to optimize distribution.
  • Overall economical in many applications.
  • Customized power density and power input.



Health care: Medical Equipment, Electric/ Heating Belt, Electric/ Heating Knee Pad, etc.

Consumer: Electric/ Heating Insole, Electric/ Heating Gloves, Electric/ Heating Cloths, Etc

Kitchen Appliances: Chimney/ Cooker Hood, Coffee Maker, Milker Heater, Etc.

Beauty Equipment: Hair Dryer, Hair-styling curling iron, Etc,

Restaurant: Keeping food ingredients at desired temperature, Etc.

Pets: Pet Clothing, Pet Mat/ Warmers, Warming fish tanks/ aquariums, Etc.

Electronics: Micro-battery product, Outdoor Camera, Military Laptop, Etc. 

Automobile: Car rear view mirror for fog removing.

Mirror Defogger: Bathroom Mirror Defogger for fog removing.

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