How safe is electric underfloor heating for your house?

How safe is electric underfloor heating for your house?

Are you hesitant to buy electric underflow heating for your house owing to safety concerns? Well, safety is the priority for you and your family. So, your concerns are understandable as you need to be aware of the possible risks before, during, and after installing the new devices and appliances at your place. The majority of the people feel that installing the cables, electricity, and pipes that run with warm water under their feet would be unsafe. So, you are not the only person apprehensive about the safety aspect. Some of the common fears that people have are:

  • Electric shock – If electric shock concerns you while installing the electric underfloor heating, then the good news is that there is a zero percent possibility of an electric shock as the cables had gone through rigorous R & D before reaching you. However, it would be safer to take assistance from the experts to install the appliance.
  • Maximum temperature – Many underfloor heating systems would not reach the maximum temperature as most heating systems have up to 40 degrees Celsius, which is a little more than your body temperature. Hence, you need not worry about the heating cables catching fire.
  • Circuit Breakers – You may wonder what would happen if, by any chance, if PVC outer jacket get compromised. It might result in electric shock or a short circuit. However, you would not face these incidents as the electric underfloor systems contain an inbuilt interrupter circuit breaker that automatically cuts the power once you find out the issue.
  • Allergies – Are you having allergy problems? Well, you can still use electric heated floors as the heat radiates from the floor and increases your comfort level at your place, ensuring that you get fresh air, unlike other heating options. The electric underfloor heating system would make your body warm in the room through heat radiation. However, you need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on installation and regular maintenance to ensure safety.

At Corewarm, we provide the users with advanced electric underfloor heating systems with simple guidelines that will help easy installation. We at Corewarm take care of all these things. The underfloor heating cables which are manufactured at Corewarm are built with all the modern technologies which you do not need to be worried about after installation.

What are the safety guidelines required to follow in electric underfloor heating?

An electric underfloor heating has always been safe & has a solid market reputation. It would be shocking & surprising for you that an electric underfloor heating entered the market sixty years back. The device has specific pros & cons. Hence, you need to adhere to the guidelines & heed the warning to ensure safety.

  • Control the underfloor heating units using an approved thermostat & its control instructions.
  • Avoid turning the underfloor system on wet and adhesive surfaces. Turn ON the system gradually only after the ground becomes free from adhesives.
  • Avoid placing the flat-bottomed furniture where you have installed the heating mat. It would curtail the airflow and cause thermal blocking in extreme cases, leading to overheating the cable and a possible fire hazard. Also, keep the rugs, bean bags, or any item having a tog value above 2.5 from the underfloor heating systems.
  • Avoid drilling or nailing the heated floor area as it can damage the heating elements.

Warning or Caution

  • A damaged underfloor heating system or improper device installation could cause serious personal injuries or damage the property.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the requirements, it would be essential to get assistance from qualified electricians with expertise in proper sizing, installing, construction, and operating the floor warming systems when hazards occur. The installation of the equipment should adhere to national and local electrical codes.
  • Ensure that nails, screws, or any similar devices don’t penetrate the floor as they could cause damage on the first installation or at the time of subsequent floor repairs in the future.
  • Replace the damaged underfloor heating system. Avoid the attempt to dismantle the equipment for repairing any part of the system.

What are the  advantages of electric underfloor heating to your house?

  • Electric underfloor heating occupies lesser space than a wet underfloor heating system. Though you may require a backing board, the wires would be thinner & the equipment would be closer to the surface.
  • The closeness to the surface gives the scope for quick reaction.
  • An electric UFH would be best suited for a small amount of heat for a short time.
  • You need not go back to manifold as an electric underfloor heating system’s installation in one room would be free from disruption to adjoining rooms & passageways, making the installation easier.
  • Electric underfloor heating provides you with evenly distributed heat & radiates warmth from the floor throughout the room, eliminating the cold spots.
  • Electric underfloor heating works more efficiently than other heating systems.
  • You can put ON the electric underfloor heating systems whenever you require warmth under your feet. So, you need not leave the equipment ON for an extended period.
  • Underfloor heating would not require any maintenance, which keeps your mind free.


The electric underfloor heating systems became successful in the market. You can avoid electric shock, property damage & other severe injuries if you take utmost care by adhering to the guidelines. However, you need to take care of the equipment you buy to ensure safety by that logic. Hence, despite the pros & cons, you can conclude that electric underfloor heating would guarantee up to 95-99 percent safety for your house.

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