Conflict Minerals 

“G.K Enterprises Private Limited has a policy that control Conflict Minerals”

Our Company has established a responsible supply chain to enforce its policy of not using conflict minerals that contributes to acts against humanity that are produced in the Democratic Republic of  Congo (DRC) and its adjoining countries.

General Provisions

  • Our Company acknowledges that conflict minerals (Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten, and Gold)

Originating from the DRC and its adjoining countries as high risk material.

The Company will only buy Tin concentrates mined from local Tin Mines.

  • It is our policy to fully and completely avoid such conflict minerals that directly or indirectly

Finance or benefit armed group from these conflict-effected regions.

G.K Enterprises Private limited will waste no time to ensure its supply chain is free of

Conflict minerals so that its customers and their customers can be confident of their product.