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Helix/ Spiral Heating Wire – High Resistance Low Wattage Wire

  • Helix/ Spiral heating wire

We offer a wide range of heating cables for various applications. No matter if it is for electric blankets, heating jacket, towel rail or green house, Corewarm is the right Choice. It is a low wattage high resistance heating wire.
In this the Nichrome/ copper alloy/ SS wire is helically wound on the fibreglass yarn which is further jacketed with silicon/ Teflon/ TPE.

Features and Application
– The heating cable designing can be with double or single helical conductor depending on the wattage required.
– It is suitable where low wattages are required.
– It is used in Electric blankets, heat pad, heating jacket, towel rail and green house.

Technical Details
– Available Power: 3W-20W
– Operating Voltage: 5V/12V/24V/36V/48V/60V/72V/11OV/220V
– Resistance: 1.25-2500Ω/m
– Cable Diameter: -1.10mm-4.0mm

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