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  • Freeze Protection/ Pipe trace cable

During winter,  problems with frost in fresh water pipes, waste water pipes, cooling water pipes, supply water pipes and sprinkler systems can be avoided by heating the pipes internally or externally. Freeze Protection Cables are the robust and tough cables designed for “on pipe” as well as “in pipe” applications in domestic and commercial requirement to protect water from freezing. They are adaptable to all areas where natural frost protection cannot be achieved.

Category 1 (FPT)
Used in pipe trace heating.
Prevent water pipes from freezing.
The in-built thermostat/temperature limiter will operate to switch ON at 5°c and switch OFF at 15°c. Operates at 230V AC.

Category 2 (FP)
Can be used directly in greenhouse and on water pipes.
Operates at 230V AC.

Category 3 (FPLV)
Finds use in boat building.
Operates at 12V AC/DC.

Product Range

DescriptionCategory 1 and 2Category 3
Voltage230V ac;50 Hz12 AC/DC
Heat Output15W/mtr to 25W/mtr10W/mtr to 15W/mtr
Connection Lead1×1.5mtr with safety plug2×1.5mtr
Protection categoryIPx7,UV resistantIPx7,UV resistant
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