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Bathroom Home Towel Warmer Rack – Electric Hand Towel Rail Heater

  • Towel rail heater

The towel warmer is a bathroom heater suitable for both drying and heating towels and the environment.

After stepping out of a hot shower on a chilly morning, there is little better than being welcomed by a soft, warm towel wrapped snuggly around you. When you are done, simply hang your damp towel up on the heated towel rail and it will dry in no time, leaving it not just warm and dry for the next shower, but fresh-smelling too.

Features and Application
– Modern and everlasting designs
– Even distribution of heat
– Installation easy in every bathroom
– Concealed wiring
– Range of designs and sizes

Technical Details
– Output Wattage: 500-1000W
– Rated Voltage: 230V, 50Hz
– Cold lead connection: 1.5m
– IP Protection: IP34

Product Range Model: TRH

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