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Electric Heated Foot Warmer Mat – Home, Office, Under Desk Heating Pad

  • Foot warmer

Foot Warmer Mat delivers direct heat to cold feet, improving your blood circulation and comfort. The foot mat heater delivers a pleasant radiant warmth from directly below where you are sitting or standing.

These electric foot warmers are available in different sizes and can be used almost anywhere: homes, offices, studies.

Electric Heated Foot Mats are maintenance-free and warm up in just 5 – 10 minutes.

The foot warmer mat heater will heat you more effectively and consumes very low energy.

Features and Application
– Fast and uniform heating.
– Mobile solution for homes, office areas and other working areas.
– Small dimension makes it easier to use at entrances for drying and keeping the shoes clean which become damp or wet due to rain or snow.
– Foot warming provides comfortable heat in foot area and supports the well being.
– It consumes very low energy

Technical Details
– Rated Voltage: 230V; 50 Hz
– Operation Temperature: 30-40°C
– Temperature limiter: Yes
– Cold lead connection: 2.0m with built in ON/Off switch
– Protection level: IP67

Product Range Model: FWHC

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